Online Shopping Tax - Information about the Internet Sales Tax that is coming!

Internet sales tax is coming. Find out the latest information about the Internet tax that the government wants to pass, making you pay for your online shopping! Soon we'll all be paying online shopping tax.

the Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013, also known as the Internet Tax Bill, was passed in the U.S.Senate with a bypartisan vote of 69-27. The bill is still under review by the House Judiciary Committee where more detailed research into the impact of the bill on online retailers is expected. With a Republican-controlled House that includes many anti-tax representatives, passage will be more difficult.

The measure would require that retailers with online revenues over $1 million annually collect state tax on remote (online, catalog, phone, etc.) sales regardless of their location. Currently, if an online retailer sells a product in a state where it does not have a physical nexus, they are not required to collect tax, but the buyer is expected to claim the tax on their annual tax return a rule that almost no one follows.

Organizations that oppose the measure and those who support it have been extremely vocal about their opinions on the subject. Two of the leaders in the industry, eBay and Amazon, fall on opposite sides of the argument.

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